VBA code for Inserting an Image

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Hi guys,

I am in an urgent need for a command or code to insert an image from any directory in my computer to a particular cell in Excel using VBA. For example, i have a .jpg file named ABK in my E:Drive and i want to get that pic to a cell A1 in Excel when it corresponds to the value ABK in cell B1.

Your guidance is appreiciated:)


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Oct 24, 2016 at 05:04 PM
So, is the file path going to dynamic? Meaning, will it always be stored in the same place, and called the same thing?

Post your code and we can help, we cannot produce code turn key for you.
Hi ac3mark, Actually i am new to VBA, i just want to know what command can be used to call a specific picture from the hard drive. I do not have any code as such. Looking forward for you guidance . thanks:)