Main screen works, 2nd monitor dies after loading screen.

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So i did some changes to my screens this morning via CCC, My main screen got perfect with the resolution and such but my second didn't workout so well. I needed to reboot the computer after the changes and when i came back CCC didn't work no'r the second monitor/screen. I looked everywhere on the internet but could not find a person who have had the same problem.

My screens:
Main one is a Fujitsu 24inch screen, Named SL23T -1
My second one who is a tv is named, Philips 3200 series LED TV 32PFL3207H

This is my configuration for the screens,
Main one uses HDMI
Second one uses VGA

I tried swapping em around so that my previous second monitor would be my main it worked. And the cables works too cause the screen works for 7 seconds in the loading screen. I tried the cables on another computer too and they still worked. So the cables work.

So i wen't into SCREEN RESOLUTION and what i saw was a nightmare.
My main screen was renamed to ''Generic PnP monitor on standard VGA Graphis Adapter''
and it wouldn't detect my second screen at all.

I updated CCC and the layout & how you personalize your screen was different. I couldn't change anything on my screen through CCC. I used identify on CCC and it just say's Detection complete. So my main problem is that my second screen won't be detected after i've written my password.

I have updated everything that i can update ( That i know off).
I am suspecting that i maybe disabled something somewhere in CCC but the layout and everything changed so i can't find back to the place i mad those changes.

I would appreciate all help i could get.

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Sep 16, 2013 at 02:39 PM
''Generic PnP monitor on standard VGA Graphics Adapter'' leads me think that your computer has reverted to the Windows default VGA driver. Which probably doesn't support two monitors.

I suggest you download the latest Video driver and install it.

Good Luck