Hide rows without conditional formatting

obsidian - Feb 25, 2009 at 08:35 PM
 Beverley - Feb 15, 2012 at 01:12 AM

I'm creating an Excel spreadsheet and want to give it a cleaner look by hiding the contents of a row based on the value of a cell in that row. For example, I want to hide b1:p1 if the value of a1 is blank. I can do it with conditional formatting, but I have 50+ rows and I only want them to show if there is a number in a1, a2, a3 ..... and so on. So if I put 1 in a1, 2 in a2 and 3 in a3, I should have the rest of the data in those rows populate.

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I had this same question, and after not finding an answer I thought I'd figure it out.

Here's what I did
- Created a new column that gave me a value I could filter on
- Used filter feature to include/exclude the values.

For example, I wanted to "hide" the rows where the sum of columns C, J and K were zero. So I created a new column "L" with a formula of "=SUM(C2,J2,K2)". Then I clicked on the L1 title cell, then went to Home ribbon tab and clicked Sort & Filter --> Filter. This allowed me to drop down that L1 title cell and remove the "0" from the list of allowed values.

Hope this helps!
Oh my gosh. I got so stuck on the idea of using conditional formatting that I missed this obvious solution. I've used filters a billion times but for some reason didn't think of it for my similar situation. Thanks :)