View hidden Instagram Stories: anonymously, online

View hidden Instagram Stories: anonymously, online

If you're no longer seeing someone's stories on Instagram and want to know if they've hidden them from you, here is this article we'll show you how to find out. We'll also explain how you can view a story without being seen.

How to know if Instagram Stories are being hidden from you? 

Most social networks allow you to set privacy settings that protect your safety and privacy. Instagram offers a range of privacy settings based on it's features. For example, you can make your account private, accessible only to friends, however you can also block your stories from those who are already following you. Finding out if someone has hidden their Instagram stories from you is very simple. There are two ways you can check, from your own account and by creating a new Instagram account.

To check using your current account, log into Instagram, go to search bar, and search the name of the user you suspect has blocked you. If you are unable to find them via the search bar, you have most likely been blocked from their account. This means that you cannot follow them or see their stories and content. If you can still access their profile but you never see any stories, it's possible that they have hidden their stories from you.

If you still have doubts about being hidden from their stories, you can also create a new Instagram account and search for the person you suspect has blocked you. If their account is private, you must wait for them to accept you to be sure if they are still active and publishing stories. If you can view their stories from your new Instagram account, you will know that this user has blocked your other account from viewing their stories.

How to view Instagram Stories but stay hidden?

If you want to see your friends' stories without them knowing (without appearing on their seen list), just open your Instagram account in airplane mode from your phone. This way you can browse stories and Instagram will not record that you have seen them, and you won't appear on the list of people that have viewed a story. 

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