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I have 2 sheets in excel 1st sheet has:
1st column has employee Team A1
2nd column has employee number B1
3rd Column has Employee name C1
4th column has HOL or shift pattern D1

The second sheet has 3 columns
A1 = employee team
b1 = employee number
c1 = employee name

What I want to do is if sheet 1 column 4 says hol then it fills in columns A1,B1 and C1 on sheet 2 with the info from sheet 1



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I hope I am not doing homework!

ok, hang tight!
if function: =if(logic_test,true, false)

So, let us look at the first thing:address.

So then, take that function, click on the cell, and drag it down [notice the address locations changes are relative to the cell that is calling it]. The function always needs to see if qualitying cell has HOL.

It will transfer the blank lines, so if line 12 has HOL, then line 12 on second sheet is filled, it DOES NOT LOOK FOR NEXT ROW on second sheet! What do you want for free? :)

Let us know if this helps.

Have Fun!

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