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Hi there!

I'm desperate for some help! My hotmail was being really slow on my iphone mail application so I decided to use the safari to log on and check my mail. as soon as I did this is came up with 'We have noticed some strange acitivty/Looks like someones using your account' My account has been blocked and the two options to get onto it are
1) Send a reset email to the recovery address (this is an old BT broadband address that has since been deleted and BT can't re-store it without buying broadband etc and even then they possibly wouldn't be able to give you the address back
2) fill out on online questionaire - Security question'what is your favourite historical character?' I created this account 10 years PLUS ago I can't remember plus when I fill in all the other detials I still can't manage to unlock the account.

The most frustrating thing in all this is that I remember the passowrd I just can't get on until I am verified!!!! Please help - Is there anything I can do as I'm loosing hte will to live and I've just started applying for jobs and everyone has that email address, as well as my mortgage application that is going on at the moment I desperately need the email address back..

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Feb 6, 2014 at 05:14 PM
Well, this is the perils of FREE mail. I am sorry, but how easy do you want SOMEONE that isn't you to access the account without your knowledge.

I understand you know the correct password, but their servers "felt" that it was being hacked. Isn't technology great!

So, beside hotmail, what other email do you have? So, do you even have another recovery address to send to? You see my point. Even if you have another email, did you maintain your account?

I understand I sound like a complete P**** right now, but this is one of those things where there may not be a solution, as the only way to fix, we do not have the resources!

With all of this being said, how easy do you want it for hotmail to give ANYONE access to your account, password or not. By the way, I can sniff out your password and use it, by rerouting your wifi through my device(if I were local enough to you). HOTMAILS servers saw something:it thought that was happening, because your mobile has a COMPLETE deifferent address of the network, and if it were thinking you were attempting gaining access from a totally different part of the network, it would shut it down.- No mutiple Concurrent Connections for the same user!

This is my opinion.
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Feb 6, 2014 at 05:26 PM

Did you know that Hotmail is now

Here is their new contact procedure:

Good luck