Excel 2007 - Conditional Format Using Calendar Months [Closed]

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I'm have a workbsheet that has a bunch of dates that show when people have completed their annual training.

What I'm trying to do is take the training dates and set up some conditional formatting to make things even more simplified for the casual user. I've looked around and I can't find any thread that covers exactly what I'm doing, although I've been close a few times.

The conditional formatting for the dates in cells B2:B210 need to reflect the following info:

(All training is due annually)

1. Dates that are due in the next 2 months (calendar months, not 60 days)
2. Dates that are due next month (calendar month, not 30 days)
3. Training that is overdue as of today (dates at least one year old)

I hope that gives enough information, and thank you in advance. I've been stumped for weeks now.

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Hey, nice scope.

But, by calender, do you mean weekdays?

We can use NETWORKDAYS(first-date,second_date)
it will return number of weekdays between the two.

See Below:

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