How to reset calendar on Mac?

How to reset calendar on Mac?

It is possible that you want to clear up your Mac OS, or iPhone calendar. In this article we will show you how to clear the cache of the Calendar app on your Mac computer.

How to refresh MacOS calendar? 

Depending on which version of MacOS that you have, the process could be different. We will first explain the simple process for users that are running the latest versions of MacOS.

  • Open the Calendar app on your Mac
  • Go to Calendar > Settings and then select Account
  • Choose the account you want to refresh
  • Then accept the Refresh Calendar pop-up and then select your preferred option.
  • For Push, the account is updated, then any time the Calendar app is updated on a connected device, it will be shared and refreshed. 

How to refresh calendar on older versions of MacOS?

If the above steps do not work for you, it is possible that you have an older version of the calendar app. 

  • Open Finder > Menu Bar and open the "Go" menu.
  • Select "Go to Folder.."
  • Type the following: ~/Library

For the Calendar app:

  • Go to Calendar/Calendar Cache
  • Delete the Calendar Cache folder.

For iCal:

  • ~/Library/Caches/
  • Delete Cache.db
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