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I got a notification the other day saying this guy accepted my friend request, however I know for a fact I did not send this person a request, I don't even know them. The profile looked fake with only one picture, no information or many friends. No one else knows my password which I change regularly, I only ever use my laptop or phone for Facebook. The weird thing though, was that soon after I got the notification this so called person uploaded many pictures of my ex boyfriend, who I haven't spoken to or seen in 4 years nor do I ever want to. I deleted him straight away of course. I'm just wondering how this happened, if someone's having a joke or if my account was somehow hacked because I DID NOT add this person.

much appreciated if anyone could shed some light on the situation.

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May 1, 2014 at 09:34 AM
Hang in there. It probably is your ex boyfreind.

Oh, so where is your problem? It seems as though you have no real technical issue, only wish to have advisment of HOW TO USE SOCIAL NETWORKING.

What does Fishbook say about this? I am OH SO CURIOUS!!!!

BTW, I am moving this to the cafe, as I am ignorant of the technical issue communicated in this quetion.

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