How to make formula in excel cell for time?

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I want to make spread sheet with time in the Excel CELL How to do that? For example 1st cell should show 11hrs.56mins.05sec and next cell I want enter 5 min, I want to make addition and get the esult in the following cell 12.01.05.

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Excel's time/date formats are cumulative in orders of single days. If you're adding an hour to your spreadsheet, your formula would simply add 1/24. If you're adding a minute it's 1/1440. So in order to have a cumulative column that adds five minutes every time you'd add 1/288 because 5 minutes is 1/288th of your day.
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Time can be a bit annoying in excel I think you might have to add the 5minutes in milliseconds to get the desired result but I am not completly sure. There are a load of great tutorials on this if you google Time calculations formaula excel you will get loads, heres a few examples

the second one is a fairly good site for all things excel, though I would also google MR excel which is a great site where the forums are answered quite quickly and helpfully, I got an answer to a random thread I started within the hour which is a good time considering the answerer could be in a completly different timezone