Access 2003 VBA Idiot

 morris -
as the title suggests, I'm a VBA idiot. I don't know jack about it. other than to create a macro and convert it. here's my problem:

I created a form to input values into my table. during the creation of this form, I created 2 drop-down boxes and manually inputted the drop values (meaning, I did not link the drops to a different table) and I have a txt box as well on this form.

the values in the 2 drops are:
drp1 = values 1-9
drp2 = low, medium or heavy

now the txt box is a number (i.e: 2.3, 4.4, 8.0....etc...) the value of the txt box is dependant on what the 2 drop downs are. for example...drp1= 1, drp2=low then the txt box would be 3.0.

my question is, how can I have the value for the txt box automatically populate, depending on what is selected with the 2 drop-downs?

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Is your problem solved yet?

Ik don't quit understand your value for the textbox