Split of row data into different subsequent rows

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Dear Sir,

I have query relating to split of data of one row into other subsequent rows upto certain number of characters till the width allowed to view such row characters and over and above the width of that cells data automatically transferred to other subsequent rows.

Kindly provide solution for the same .


Operating Profit gives an indication of the current operational profitability of the business and allows a comparison of profitability between different companies after removing out expenses that can obscure how the company is really performing.

Above paragraph is only one row. As due to width of cells I can only see sentence upto "Profitability" (written profitability in first sentence).

For seeing further I need to wrap text or merge 2 rows so that i can view that.

But I don't want to merge rows nor I want to wrap text. What I want to do is to split the data of rows into other subsequent rows upto the characters can be viewed and again if some of the characters are in excess than again that command will split data to next row and subsequently.

Is there any way to do it by formula.

Thanks in advance.

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Jul 14, 2014 at 03:53 AM
1. Select the column in which you have the text.
2. In the Data Tab go to Data Tools and click on Text to Columns.
3. You will get the new wizard. Check the delimited option and click Next.
4. On the left hand side of the wizard select the comma option if the texts are separated be commas or you can select any other delimiter option accordingly.
5. Keep the general option checked on the left. Change the destination cell accordingly and it will separate the entries from the destination cell onward.

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