Unable to Initialize online Services

Curtis - May 17, 2008 at 07:54 AM
 me - Aug 6, 2008 at 12:38 PM

I recently bought Guitar Hero III for my PC and when I tried to set up my online account through the game by going online, it said that it was "Unable to Initialize Online Services" and then goes into the game. It never tells my why it's unable to do it and it's getting really frustrating. Any Help?

My computer is Running Vista Home Premium on 2 gb of Ram.


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I have found a solution if you have been able to plan online a day, and then it's been f***.

When i played the game the first weeks, my game disc was in my computer non-stop, and after the first day the online part didn't work.
But when i take out the dvd everytime i don't play and just insert it when i'm gonna play, the online part works everytime! =D
I get the same error everytime.
First i was able to play on internet, but now it doesnt seems to work anymore.

I also don't know the problem and i sure want it to be fixed.
I also get the same error everytime..:(
I was able to play on the internet the first day and a couple of days ago, but no matter how much i try now it stays offline..

Aspyr better get a patch or something to fix this.
Just to let you know- the guy above got it right
take the disc out- put it back in again
online works again