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i am using windows 7,64bit,,when I run the application it show unable to load authentication library,exiting..i tried changing tha settings in video and the screen size and also tried the run in window..none of them worked ...pls help me..

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it does not solve the problem
Thank you

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Hi there,

Fix the fatal error by referring to the link below and follow the instructions:

it does not solve the problem..still having the same problem
I have the same problem too. Whenever I enter a Crowded server in cso, it automatically close the program
hello every one.. to solve this problem is easy.. just follow this quick step.

Right click on icon of the game>properties>click compatibility tab, then check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:">choose ur OS for compatibility..


best regards..
hey I have a mac pro cs sayer to my fatel error what todo
Running on Windows 10, x64, 4gbRAM and got the same problem. Solved it by runing the game in window mode.