My laptop is connected to the internet, but my browser isn't [Solved/Closed]

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For the past month or so, my laptop has connected to the internet. But when I go on any browser, I can't use the internet. On Chrome, it says "Unable to connect to the internet" with the dinosaur and IE says "This page cannot be displayed." I've tried a good number of solutions and nothing has worked. I have Windows 8 and AVG Free Antispyware. Please help.

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Try this 1

1) Open "Internet Explorer" --> Go to "Tools" --> "Internet Options" .

[Note : If the "Menu bar" doesn't appear in the "Internet explorer" then hold the

"Alt" key and tap the "T" key.]

Click on "Connections" --> Click on "LAN settings" button --> Make sure that

everything is unchecked (No options are selected) --> Click on OK --> Click on

"Settings" button --> Make sure that everything is unchecked (No options are

selected) under "Automatic configuration" and "Proxy server" --> Click on OK -->


2) If the problem still exists then try resetting your "Internet Explorer" settings.

Click on the below hyperlink "Reset" and follow the instructions.


3) Temporary disable your Firewall/Antivirus and check if you are able to browse.

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