Where to obtain IE_7 for XP-SP3?

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Where can I obtain a copy of IE7 that I can install on XP-SP3? Microsoft keeps telling me that XP-SP3 will not run IE7 but individuals on the web post that they have installed IE7 on XP-SP3. I can't find a download of IE7 that is free of junk files and ads that will install. HELP!

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Sep 15, 2014 at 12:42 PM
Look, IE 7 is not secure. If you really wish to remove your browser, then go to updates and remove the updates. It is the only graceful way to back out of a browser update.

By the Way, if you are getting any software that is Microsoft from any other place than microsoft, you are asking for troubles.

Find it here:

Oh, yea, HAVE FUN!

That browser is over 8 years old, and FULL OF SECURITY
HOLES! Make certain to browse for all sorts of cool stuff on your XP with IE7 machine. I am certain you will have a spambot delivering machine in no time!!