Need to put songs on ipod without itunes

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I have a crappy computer that kicks me off the internet. Therefore I cannot download itunes or anyother thing that takes too long. And I have my music on windows media player which the ipod doesn't work with. So can anyone tell me how I can put on songs/charge my ipod, etc with no itunes? P.S.~ I don't know much about the ipod, I just got mine.



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All you need to do is have the driver for your ipod (so you can enter the hardrive and things and viewable).

Go on iTunes (you will never have to go then), select your Device and check "Use as hard drive" ( ).

Then go to my computer open your ipod go to the address type
after the already address
go in there and unhide all files go to music and drag a song you'll have to rename it to a 4 letters word
how do u unhide the songs?

out of all these people in this whole thread, I think your message was the most useful of all. I was wondering how the helllll to edit songs without using itunes cause it won't work on my computer.

thank you so much.