New Asus X550L keyboard problem

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 Emmanuel - Mar 23, 2015 at 11:41 PM
today I bought brand new Asus X550L laptop with FreeDOS operation system preinstalled, unfortunately some keys on keyboard (about half of them) are not working. I've been searching for hours in other forums but didn't find answer that would work for me. I didn't spill anything on it, it's brand new, I've installed Windows 8.1 but keys don't work either, I've tried Live Ubuntu with the same results, I also did the trick with battery removing and holding power button for 60 seconds with no luck. I am totally lost here, is there anything else to try? or should I take it to service for replacing? thank you

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Having similar issues. The problem is intermittent as well. Sometimes the "2" on the keyboard row will immediately register a "9" at the same time. The "W" key will also input the "F11" key. And so on...

I suspect this is a hardware issue since the problem will appear under all conditions, wifi enabled/disabled, safe mode, different OS' and even in UEFI/BIOS screens.

I ran a diagnostic to confirm multiple key outputs when only a single key is pressed. Moving the unit seemed to intermittently produce/resolve the issue at random. My guess is a loose/dirty ribbon connector from the keyboard to the motherboard? I haven't opened the unit up to see just yet. I'll try to make updates here.
Hey mate, I'm about to purchase one second hand with the same issue. It still have warranty so I can take it in to get fixed. Have you fixed it? If it's just a loose ribbon then I will do it.
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Feb 7, 2015 at 04:09 PM
Hi thorner,

I would take it back and insist on a new machine (not the same one repaired). You shouldn't be fixing new stuff!
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Feb 9, 2015 at 04:39 AM
exactly, that was my first thought, if it's new it shouldn't be broken, today I'm going to return it, I hope they have the same model in stock :/ thank you.