Avira for server?

g-a-m-e-r-x - Mar 24, 2009 at 06:30 PM
 Krisi - May 3, 2010 at 10:33 AM
I would like to be able to run the non-Server version of Avra AntiVir on my home server...
But it wont let me obviously so im wondering if anytone has a working workaround for this or a free serial/crack for the server edition??
Chances are no-one will be prepared to share it but i mineaswell asking

From -GaMeR X-

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Sure can do.. Just search for removechk.vbs and it will install no problem.
and why would you bother installing it? it's worthless like all the pseudo-free gimmicksoft (mention AVG free edition, PC Tools AV) -maybe I'm wrong (I could mess it in my head xD), but as far as I remember...I'm not sure about Avira(I have the installs, but not sure if I actually gave it a shot), so if you see it working then maybe it's fine...
They do nothing unless you pay, so why not get a good "old" norton and sleep well then?
And if you want a light spyware scan try "Scan Spyware" and take your hands of Spyware Nuker XT and other sh.. it(nuker) lists only tracking cookies, cause other spyware you might have on could come with the install, and the soft assumes it, if you know what i mean :)
Don't forget security task manager.
And Uniblue thingies are nice ones in my opinion if you are able (and willing to take the time-I'm not) to work woth the results manually. at least they let you know how much "stuff" is there on your system...
They do nothing unless you pay, so why not get a good "old" norton and sleep well then?

Good old Norton detection engine is sloppy to say the least compared to Antivir's, even the free edition picks up more threats than fully licensed Norton. This is from experience.