Mp3 files got converted to jpg

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Last time I surfed on internet and some kind virus/malware has converted all my mp3 files to jpg files.
Please help to remove this virus and to convert all my song files back to normal. And also suggest which kind of sites contain these serious kind of virsuses and malwares.

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It's easy to convert them back to mp3, you just have to right click on the files and change the extension and put it back to .mp3
Thank you

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> Raaj
Thanks a MILLION Buddy!!!!
u just saved my 700 GB of avi's and mp3's...
> Raaj
hear MediaControl.exe file thir wat can I do please give me solusation plzzzzzzzzzzzz I have 10000gb data of avi files and Mp3 files
> Raaj
many many many many thanks toooooooooooooooooo u
hii kishor...please see the soluyion I have givven above....try that....
> Raaj
Thank you very much for providing the site.
Ias affraid that all my efforts for co;;ection of songs would go away.
now I have converted all back to mp3.Thank you
Try doing this..
1. Delete this folder first (C:/Windown/system32/mcont).
2. Download FEC setup 3.3 (Google for and u can get it)
3. Install and convert all .jpg extention to .mp3 extention

Hope this will work for u..
Thanks alot akash..........
hii.... are most welcome!!
> aakash
hy Akash after isnstalling the in my computer I got the the following message error reporting that file extension changer encounter an error while processing your request this may happen if the item you have selected is a shell object.......

please help me Akash...
> samit

i think u hav not properly downloaded that file itself.... or ur file might have got corrupted.
please do that again.... n ya u have to select a song or a movie to change its extension ....or u can also selct the whole folder....which contains media files.
> aakash
hi need not download any software......just run 'cmd' and choose the directory where the files have been converted to jpeg n use the command 'ren <filename.jpg> <filename.mp3>,..........convert similarly all files to mp3 n enjoy!!!!
Thanks a lot for this
You are what is called a genius
Even the software link provided works like a charm
Everyone don't look any further. This is what you are looking for
THank you again
thanks u for all finally I made it after 6 months