I cant get my songs to my mp3 player

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I cant get my songs from itunes to my mp3 player or get the full songs. I got them from rhapsody(i kno its not a good site. I only used it cuz I got a coupon) and one song I got was listed as only 1:20 long in my file. I dont have an ipod its a Phillips mp3 player and no matter what I try I cant get the songs from itunes to my mp3 player. can someone plzz help me?
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I was having this same problem, but the solution I came up with was forehead-slappingly simple. I merely put the files on my MP3 player manually, using drag-and-drop from the itunes music file folder (not from within the program) to the device storage folders.

I can't say if this will work for all MP3 players (ours is a Sony walkman), as they need to be able to play m4a files. But after trying a dozen ways to get WMP to recognize the m4a, and trying to get itunes to recognize the players (including trying 3rd party addons which would have had to completely erase the player to start with)... I just figured I'd try just drag and drop and to my surprise, it worked perfectly, absolutely no problems. I'm listening to my itunes-purchased music on the MP3 player right now.
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i tried that but it didn't work
thank you, you helped me out of sitting here for hours... martin
It may not be the best way but the following has worked for me - after trying a few suggestions;

In itunes > edit > preferences and select the tab 'IMPORT SETTINGS' and choose MP3 Encoder fom the drop down list (where it say's 'import using').
Then select all your songs (song list and not album list), right click and copy as MP3 file (may take a small while depending how many congs you have so make a brew)!
Create a back up disk from your itunes - > File > Library and select 'Back-up to disk'.
Close itunes and from there it's just a case of dragging and dropping the files from your back-up disk to your sansa clip - The MP4 files won't transfer to your clip anyway but the MP3 do.
If you want and have the time you can always then delete your MP4 files ;
Right click on the song - select 'get info' tab and at the bottom of the summary tab it will say which file type it is. Obviously keep the MP3.
The bonus is you have a back up disk already created for your sansa too.

Hope this helps!
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iTunes encrypt the songs into the AAC format, which is ony recognised by iPods.
that is the reason why you cannot play them in your mp4 player.
try to downolad the songs you from another website.
and download them in the mp3 format.
Helpful , thanks ....
THE SOLUTION: Select tracks in i-tunes and convert to MP3. Works for all formats apart from "Protected AAC". You then right click over selected MP3s (or MPEG) and copy. Then past them into memory card for MP3 player in Windows Explorer. Works perfectly for me.
use youtube downloder
Use WinAmp. Open win amp. Then using Winamp, choose the function to import your itunes library. Ypu will see folder tiltled :purchased", in it are all songs bought and dL'd in itunes. Click on this folder. Winamp displayes them in a window. Now, left click on the song you want to transfer, and drag it to the folder that represents your mp3 player in winamp. Winamp handles the conversion from itunes format to mp3.
hey kk so I did that and it still says "unfortunately not all of the tracks from the playlist could be transferred.Some tracks are of an incompatable format." what should I do now???? plz help me
You can not put any music on your mp3 player from iTunes because you must have an iPod in order to get any songs, videos,games and etc.

I hope you guys read this because it's the truth and it helps you to stop waisting all of your time trying.
Because it dosen't Work
i feel ya because that shit didn't work for me either im still trying today.
i feel ya because that shit didn't work for me either im still trying today.
Well thanks for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to get a podcast thats only available on iTunes.
I have a sansa clip, 2G and I was having the same problem. I tried the other recommendations on this page and none of them were successful.

What I DID find was a recommendation from Cnet.com for a program called "Free Mp3 Wma Converter V1.8" made by Koyote Soft, 2008.

Go to Koyotosoft.com to download.
Actually if you just want free music without any illegal problems, you should use the youtube downloader. here is the link...https://download.cnet.com/ytd-video-downloader/ copy and paste the URL to the video in the programs' input box (top box). once you downloaded the music video, hit convert to MP3. delete the old flv. file and keep the mp3 as a song. theres a way around everything:).

-anonymous x
i have a phillips mp3 player as well. You said you only used itunes because you got a coupon well and like you I like to save money when I get songs as well. I use emusic. They offer tons of free mp3 download sand I on my mp3 player I get the full song. here is there site https://www.emusic.com/ good luck

well I think u r suspose to plug it up and then find some music and add it I really dont know how thats why im asking
Apple products only work with apple products. If you have an mp3 players, you'll need a windows media player. Your computer (if it's a PC, running on windows) there should already be an application in your computer that's called, "Windows Media Player". Put you music in that player, hook up your mp3 player, then sync the music.
download youtube downloader and then download songs from youtube. And them sync them on with windows media player.
More than likely, your iTunes application is holding the licenses for those songs and only allows you to put them on one "registered" player at a time.