Keeping my Linux server Safe!

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Hello my name is Joshua,

I run a game server which is hosted on a dedicated CentOS 7.0.14## server. It has recently come to my attention that someone, or something is trying to crack my password and gain access to our server. Checking the server today, in about 20 hours we had gotten almost 8000 failed login attempts.

The other day I set a newly improved password that does not rely on words from a dictionary, involves a quantity of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.

Originally, I thought changing the username to login would be a good idea but I did read that this is a bad idea. I'm basically looking for some methods to help keep my server safe from password crackers and hackers in general. I'm quite new to Linux, and am learning as I go so any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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Changing the default admin username is a good practice which Microsoft adopted when they came to Windows Vista/7. By default the administrator account is disabled.

You should also look at the firewall on your linux and also your NAT device and close down ports which are not needed for your gaming server.

Ensure you're running with the latest updates.

look to see where they're trying to get in and make it more secure.

Can you check any logs to see what IP addresses are trying to access your server? if it's the same one you could always blacklist them on your router.