Phone line disconnects when connecting the router to the filter

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Can somebody please help me with this, iv'e been looking online but unable to find a solution.
Recently i moved house, after connecting my phone and router i was unable to make or receive calls. The phone line is fine until i connect the router to the ADSL. Bought a new ADSL still the same problem. Did all the fault finding that BT tell you to do but no luck. So at the moment it's either the broadband or phone cant have both.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Sep 14, 2015 at 07:12 PM
OK, the jack you are connecting to shorts the circuit, or you need a filter, or you need to isolate the jack location you want for broadband. SO, what the later means, is, make certain that your broadband signal only goes to that jack, and does not chain to other jacks. It needs to the ONLY jack on that circuit. Or make certain that your wiring is Cat5 or better. If your wiring is cat3 and not Twisted pair, then you need to pull new wire as the ring voltage is killing the SYNCH signal over the pairs when the phone rings, or you get dial tone.