Acer 5220 recovery can not after delete

andrewskyworker - Apr 4, 2009 at 12:06 PM
 ks amk - Apr 12, 2010 at 10:12 AM
please does any one can help me , after I am delete my hardisk partition which seem recovery disk partition I can not recovery again even if I use acer recovery disc .my destop just show black and running
nothing show but when I am try to install ubuntu it work very well .why I can not recovery with acer ,and I want to make one hardisk partition because when hadisk c full hardisk D not help to install program
my computer model is Acer extensa 5220 ,please help me

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H Guys,
I have the same problem, my vista is crashed on the the laptop Acer extensa 5620, I tried to check the MBR and the partitions on the hard disk. I found I have PQservice, a Vista corrupted partition.
I used chkdsk to fix this partition and it fix the indexes and the bad sector but the window still doesnt work.

so I decide to install Xp instead, I can boot from the CD and proceed in the installation process but it didn't detect the Hard disk.
I still Have PQService bout I lost the other partitions. is any one can help me to recover the vista from PQservices. I don't have Recovery CD, and ALT+F10 doesn't work it gives blank screen
try disabling D2D from BIOS, if it works. Otherwise there are many softwares to fix MBR
Apr 4, 2009 at 12:18 PM
all my problem is after downlad EASEUS Partition Manager and use that software and delete one partition so I can not recovery again even if I am using acer recoveryCD ,it just show blank .my acer 5220 proble
does any one know how should I solve this problem ,
i have a simalar problem. I am working on a acer travelmate 2410
i used EASEUS Partition Manager to delet the recovery partition and data backup partition. and then merged the free space into c: . EASEUS worked it more than doubled my usabel harddrive space. but know when it boots after bios it just show a blinking underscore. at that time if I press alt f10 it will boot into windows. how do I edit/fix the mbr or what ever so I don;t have to push alt f10


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use EASEUS to creat a very small partition with the same name as the hiddin one that was delete, and put in in about the same location, before window. and vala, fixed. goes straight to windows with 2x usabel hd size.
Your reply is little bit not clear to me. I understand you used EASEUS to create a small partition like PQService. Then what did you copied and how did you copied recovery parition into your new small partition. Thanks
ur right
use EASEUS to create a small partition named PQService before window. then when the computer boot it sees pqservice and skips it and boots windows.
Thks for your reply. I was just checking EASEUS website and they offer two free softwares one is Disk Copy(29.5mb size) and other one is Parition Master(home edition size 8.9mb). On their website under Disk Copy features, they have mentioned that if you want to move parition or resize format etc then use, advanced version that is Partition Master(because Disk Copy wont do that). What I dont understand if it is advance version which has more features then why it is smaller in size then Disk copy?! Which one did you use? Thanks
EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition
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