Network settings working but no Internet

pcfrustrated - Apr 5, 2009 at 01:42 PM
 pcfrustrated - Apr 5, 2009 at 02:20 PM
My Toshiba Satellite is experiencing problems. Until this week (4/1) my laptop could sign on to any network and get the internet. Now the other PC's in the house work just fine on the internet through the router but not the laptop. I have been troubleshooting and it seems that everything is working but I still cannot get the Internet to work.

So far I cannot check any Web site at all. The Diagnostics Tool in Internet Explorer gives me error "Cannot display the Webpage". The Diagnose Connection Problems on IE gives me an error on page notice. I reset the Router and still could not sign on to internet. I deleted all the Browser History files. I used Internet Explorer (No Add Ons) and still have no luck. I disabled the firewall. I checked the IP address by using CMD -r 1 and the address starts with 190. so it seems that Windows did not assign an IP that is creating an issue. I have gone into the SysConfig and ruled out conflicting third party by going to services and startup tabs and choosing half and turning them off - checking then seeing if still experiencing problem. No luck there.
What else can I do?
Someone please help.

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OK - I have narrowed it down further but still no luck in resolving the issue. So far I can come up in Safe Mode with Network and then went to the internet and I could get on. So I think I have ruled out my ISP provider as the problem. I think I have a software conflict, but I can't seem to find it. I did not have a backup point in which to restore my computer to previous settings (I've now learned that lesson).

In the Config I painstakingly eliminated various Services and Startup options to see if it resolved my problem. After dozens of changes and reboots, I still have the same problem. I'm reluctant to reset the entire computer and try the recovery disk from the manufacturer because I have software and setups on this machine that I have not yet backed up. Any suggestions?