DNS probe finished no internet on Mac [Solved/Closed]

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May 3, 2015
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My Wi-Fi connection is working my phone is able to connect, but my mac book keeps saying dns probe finished, not internet when I try to load a page. How do I fix this problem on a mac? I'd really appreciate the help, with out internet in Saud Arabia life is difficult for an expat.

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  • On your Macbook open up the spotlight search and type system preferences.
  • From there select Network
  • in there select the Wi-Fi connection and then advanced.
  • click the TCP/IP tab and ensure that the drop down box it set to Using DHCP
  • I would then go into the DNS tab and remove all entries you have in there.
  • go back to the TCP/IP tab and press "Renew DHCP lease" or disconnect from the network and join it again.

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