Webcam Shut my computer down

Mouse - Apr 5, 2009 at 03:22 PM
 marky - Sep 4, 2010 at 08:28 PM
I had a Webcam installed on my computer and when i try to used it the WebCam frooze and shut my system down it was working before, and now it's also asking me to chnage my screen resolution to a lower number try that but still did not work... bought a new Cam today and it still not working..... did i do something wrong? i have 1GB and the hard drive is 80... Help please

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hiaa, my webcam does that too. it realli annoyss me.
Like you it was working before. then one day i cliked it and i went on to a blue sccreen with loads of writing on it then closed down. was your webcam alredy in your computer when you bought it. because mine is too. so it could be the type of web cam,im not sure tho.write back
Hello, my girlfriend has the same problem. Before everything was working until she downloaded mcafee antivirus protection. Well, she wasn't able to get on MSN at all because that virus scan completely screwed with her computer. So i had her delete most of the components that came with the scan such as Firewall, Network protect etc. . . That fixed the problem to where she was able to get on msn however her webcam would shut down her pc. So i believe in order to run a webcam, you will never a type of Personal Firewall.
its probeily not enufff memory orrr u have a very slow computer or it could be a virus soo i advise you to scan with a virus protection software
i have same problem, my webcam worked. and in one day if i open cam then pc is doing restart. drivers is ok, memory i've got 4gb, no viruses found, i used eset - NOD32. What is the problem then?
Try this: Control Panel -> Display -> "Settings" tab -> "Advanced" button -> "Troubleshoot" tab -> "hardware acceleration". Disable this function. Try uncheck "Enable write combining" also. Good luck!
so far nobody has helped touse start button toshut and open my computer