Bluetooth does not work after downgrade from Win 7 to 8

 Johan -

I have a Aspire E1-510 Laptop, I have down grade from windows 8 to windows 7 , and now I can;t get my bluetooth to work, please help me

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Did you load in the same 64 or 32 bit software? Did you include the Bluetooth drivers?
Thank you

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I have loaded the 64 bit
I cant find the 64 bit bluetooth drivers for windows 7
Hi , Sorrry for the late respons,, Accer Aspire E1-510, Intell (R) Pentium (R) CPU N3520 @ 2.16 2.GHz 2.16 GHz1 6a Bit operation system. 500g HD , $ Gig DDR3 L Memory . 802.3 1b/g/n +BT

Well, then that is the issue!
So can you please give me the link where I can find the driver , please
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I cannot, as you have not provided me with the manufacturer of the device. Your hardware manager isn't going to know, because the drivers aren't loaded to query the device from within the OS. You must either get specs from the internet and tell me, or take off the cover and look at the chipset and let us know!