Conditional formating with If statements

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I want to do conditional formatting. But my numbers change if a certain box is checked..... how do I accomplish this???

i.e. A regular clean would be 30 min less green 30:01-45:00 yellow 45:01 and up = Red
But if it's a stat or ISO clean then those take longer, 0-45:00 green 45:01-60:00 yellow 60:00 & up Red So i have a drop down box for STAT that has a yes or no -

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OK< so what part are you stuck with: the conditional formatting, or the if statement? They are both the same thing. Make a formula and attach a format to it. Can you get the cell to turn one color yet?
I think all of it - I have it set up as a conditional format now with the "normal times" how to i add the IF statements to that.

I wish i could show you my sheet....

Time Requested Room # BedBoard STAT ISO Housekeeper Start Time Finish Time Total Clean Time Response Time Total Turn Time
12:35 4214 y Yes No jane 12:38 13:45 1:07 0:03 1:10
20:15 10147 April O'Neal 21:00 21:42 0:42 0:45 1:27
0:00 0:00 0:00
0:00 0:00 0:00
0:00 0:00 0:00

OK, you have a nice start! The if statement is part of the formula to format, so with that being said, you just need to format the calculations of the worked time?
The times are calculated, and that is what i want to make icon sets for, but the parameters for the icon sets will depends on if the stat/Iso cell being a yes or no.
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the if format is as follows =IF(logic_test,true,false).

So =if(a1>42,"YES","NO) would apply here. This would check cell a1, and if it were greater than 42, then it displays a yes.