How to recover mails from trash [Solved/Closed]

 Lisa -

May i know how to recover deleted mails from trash....If I deleted some mails from trash also then how can I recover those mails.

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After 30 days GMail empties the trash bin.

However, In the upper right hand corner of the screen click on "Settings". Then click on "Labels" in the middle of the screen. 3rd and final step is under "System Labels" next to "Trash" click "Show" and that will let you see the trash bin!

Note: If it does not work your mails are permanently deleted from the server itself and there is no other solutions to provide further.

Thanks for understanding.

Good luck

Needing permantly deleted messages during the month of February, 2015. For medical/ legal reasons ... pic of me after a fall from a seizure. I do not recall the dates ... however I do know it was last Feb. i do hope you might help me. Crucial to a medical condition. Please let me know. Thanks so much.
Lisa Tucker

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