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I need to write an IF formula for excel. Cell A2 will either say ''receive'' or ''deliver''.

This formula works IF(A2=''receive'',1,2); but it doesnt do everything i need.

If cell A2 is a "receive" then it should produce a "1", if it is a "deliver", it should produce a "2", if call A2 is anything else (other than ''receive'' or ''deliver'') it should produce an error message or turn the cell red possibly. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok the Syntax for the IF() formula is as follows:


Apply that syntax to A2 in your sheet as in: =IF("testing 1",1,2)

If statements can BE NESTED. So you could test for a false as so:

=If("testing 1",1,IF("Testing 2",2,0))

NOW format the cell to change under CONDITIONAL FORMATTING!

Have FUN!

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