Can't format USB mass storage drive [Solved/Closed]

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I get a message telling me my USB key needs to be formatted, I click ok, try to format and I get a message saying , disk is write protected, the problem is I've been using that key for over a year with no problem, can anyone help please

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Hi! I need a help please! My external hard disk can't be seen on my computer but visible on device manager. I know that it needs formatting but vista o/s is not posible maybe there's a way but don't know how. I've done formatting a drive with xp o/s & works when used on vista. I just wanna learn some other way with vista o/s a way of formatting a drive. Your expert advice will be greatly appreciated....
As jack said, "Some usb keys or flash drives have a little switch that locks it & makes it read only. Try looking for something like this".

I had this problem yesterday. Covered that place of missing (probably broken) small switch with adhesive tape, the same way used to do with copy protected floppies some decades ago, and voil� ! Problem solved.
why restate what was already said? Okay so it worked for you not everyone has a switch on their drive Im sure he read the forum before you don't need to tell us again
u have to put the pendrive into usb port
u have to boot from windows 98 bootable cd then next it will show the command promt from command promt u have to type format space corresponding drive leeter and put the (:)
click the enter button
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Thanks for the answer, it work for my flashdrive,
Hey guys I found a good answer. Change the Drive Letter and that's it. Really worth a try. Sometimes Vista gives a double use for one drive letter. Then you will not see it to be opened although it is seen in Drive Management, which is under management, when you right click 'Computer'.

Natya Natyanam.
Thanks alot. Just had to move the small button to the opposite direction and there I am. Again workin.
Thanks again n again.