Can you put the sims 2 on a usb [Closed]

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Hello, my name is Lauren
I have the sims 2 on my desktop, however I recently purchased a laptop and to my dissapointment, realised I had lost disks 3 and 4 of the sims 2 base game. I was wondering if it was possible to put the game on my usb. If I could somehow plug it into my desktop, load the game onto my usb and then install it on my laptop via my usb. My desktop is windows xp professional and my laptop is windows vista home basic. My usb is definatly big enough. I also need very simplified steps as I am not really an expert

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I need to put sims on my note book as it doesnt hav a disk drive, so is it possible to put the sims on a normal computer, save it to a usb and connect the usb to my notebook?
Thank you

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Dear Sir,

Please try compressing the files and sending it to

the notebook. If you can't carry out the task, please

get through the following instructions and share the


Thanks in advance.
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if this does not work, you can put teh whole stuff in a DVD and then try to install.