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In the excel, I need to compare Only portion of text in two different columns and return the value in third columns. say example One column having text of asdf12345 and 2nd column having text of asdf1458. u see in this example, first 5 characters are matching so formula has to compare and return first five value in third columns.

Please anyone help me to sortout this issue. and I tried Vlookup its not sutable for this case.

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Zohaib R 2416 Posts Sunday September 23, 2012Registration dateModeratorStatus November 12, 2017 Last seen - Apr 21, 2016 at 02:31 AM
Hi Kumar,

A VLOOKUP () Can help you in this situation. Try using it like this:


Notice 1 at the end of the Function. This is for Approximate Match. If you make it 0, it will be Exact Match. In your case we want Approximate Match and not Exact Match.

Try this and do write back to us if this was useful.
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Hi Zohaib,

Thanks for your reply.

Even, I Tried in the Vlookup by putting "1" at the end. its not working.

But somehow, I found the solution.

Solution is, =VLOOKUP(A1&"*",A1:B1,2,1)

we have add this &"*" after selecting the first cell.