Urgent please help me to reset my LG smart TV

 Ahmadzaiabdulhaq -
Please help... i want to remove parental control PIN of my LG smart tv because everytime i want to change the setting it will
Question me to enter the parental pincode but i forgot my pincode. Anyone pls.help me. I try to reset to initial setting but still asking for parental pincode. Pls..email me if anyone has answer to it.
Thank you..

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hi everyone! Its me who question. i will edit my question.. " I accidentally press on the parental pincode" first i thought, i made a pincode and set up. But i just turned on the parental pincode.. And for those who did like what i did, i found the solution..
Just go back to parental pincode to turn off and this is the default pincode 0000
Thanks everyone..Have a nice exploring your LG Smart TV :)
Thank you

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Thank you!
Thanks i was trying to set up parental control and i couldn't, until your default pincode mention. Thank you so much!

Lg smart tv password no 0000 wrong password and set password Lock system on block progrmme input block please and

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