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  • How to install and connect Spotify to TV? Solved

    I have just bought a TV and I want to listen my favorite songs using Spotify, That's why I ask that how to download Spotify APK Latest version on my T...

    akhmed7849 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 12
    1 reply
  • LG WebOS won't play videos. Solved/Closed

    Hi, my LG Tv used to play videos from different movie pages, until a few days ago. Now, I get a message that says "error code 224003" and it doesn't l...

    Tesom3 | Latest reply: 508460679 May 16
    12 replies
  • Disable Energy Saving Mode on LG Smart TV Solved/Closed

    Hello, I wanted to know how to turn-off this ECO settings. Its on on my TV for some reason. But when i try to change that a message appears : The s...

    Paulee | Latest reply: LGhelp Dec 11, 2022
    6 replies
  • How to install Thop TV for my LG TV Solved/Closed

    I have a LG smart TV and i wanna install thop TV for my devices. I found this version but i cant install it.

    adamkendy | Latest reply: David Webb Apr 14, 2021
    1 reply
  • Can you rename the inputs on LG Smart TV (WebOS)? Solved

    Is there a way to rename the TV inputs so you don't have to remember what input is connected to what? This would be a nice feature to have.

    sjdunning | Latest reply: dhh1 Nov 8, 2020
    4 replies
  • LG TV don't come up for a very long time Solved/Closed

    LG TV don't come up for a very long time after switching on the power button for hours until after series of off and on. What can I do

    Comfortoks | Latest reply: Comfortoks Sep 4, 2020
    4 replies
  • Samsung TV factory reset Solved/Closed

    How do i reset this. Please check your network Please contact from desk

    benleeboaten | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 16, 2020
    1 reply
  • Change payment method Solved/Closed

    I am trying to change the payment method on this account. i went to netflix but i am not seeing an account button in the top right hand corner. Can ...

    donna | Latest reply: David Webb Jan 9, 2020
    1 reply
  • motion control Solved/Closed

    tells me its not available why?motion control samsung smart tv!

    dennis | Latest reply: David Webb Jan 6, 2020
    1 reply
  • Quality of pictures Solved/Closed

    My smart TV is paired with my cable remote so I don't know how to change the pictures quality with the new remote

    Mlawson76 | Latest reply: Mlawson76 Jan 2, 2020
    4 replies
  • Watch 3D movies on a non 3D TV Solved/Closed

    Hi my samsung smart tv does not have 3d capabilities, what apps cani down load towatch 3d movies. Thanks George

    george | Latest reply: HelpiOS Dec 16, 2019
    1 reply
  • 4 digit password on LG smart TV Solved/Closed

    Did not keep the instruction booklet with the 4 digit password for the rest to factory default setting.

    maryjane | Latest reply: Olivia Long Aug 11, 2019
    2 replies
  • TV LG 32 LB5610 software Solved/Closed

    please if someone can help me with a software for this tv LG 32 LB5610, I downloaded from Lg last software from 2015 and it's not good

    Ionutz77 | Latest reply: Ionutz77 Jan 9, 2019
    4 replies
  • Urgent please help me to reset my LG smart TV Solved/Closed

    Hello, Please help... i want to remove parental control PIN of my LG smart tv because everytime i want to change the setting it will Question me t...

    Rowena | Latest reply: Ahmadzaiabdulhaq Dec 25, 2018
    10 replies
  • Smart TV 55" needs repair but receipt lost Solved/Closed

    Hi. Our Smart TV suddenly went black. When we opened it the Smart Tv is being shown then it's gone. But it has red light its just doesn't have picture...

    Maricor | Latest reply: Maricor Sep 19, 2018
    4 replies
  • On/Off timer Solved/Closed

    Can the timer be set to turn the TV on at any given time of the day? Like using it to come on in the morning as an alarm clock to wake you up to your ...

    Verna | Latest reply: ac3mark Sep 10, 2018
    10 replies
  • Unable to connect to Netflix on Samsung smart tv Solved/Closed

    Unable to connect to Netflix on Samsung smart tv. Also dnt know the password so how do I uninstall the Netflix app and then reinstall please

    Kelly | Latest reply: Ambucias Aug 13, 2018
    1 reply
  • Unable to change resolution on Samsung TV Solved/Closed

    I cannot choose a resolution on my Samsung Smart TV. Not sure what buttons I should press/use etc.

    KarenJDecoteau | Latest reply: ac3mark May 31, 2018
    5 replies