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Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong location...

Anyway i have a slight problem and loooking for some help!!

OK, I need a bat file to run daily to tell me what my "ADSL" Routers IP is (ie. 91.80. etc etc) and not the local IP of 192.168 etc.

This is because sky (isp) does not support static IPs so this changes when the router gets rebooted.

Can you help?

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Thank you
Right click desktop and select new txt document. Open the newly created .txt file and paste the following code into it:

var request = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP");
var notyetready = 1;

notyetready = 0;
} "GET", "", true );

while( notyetready )
WScript.Sleep( 100 );

Safe your new .txt file. Then rename it: getip.js

Now make another new .txt file and paste this into it:

cscript getip.js >ip.txt

Safe the file and then rename it: GetIP.bat

Run the .bat file and it will create a .txt file called IP.txt which contains your 'internet IP address' or external IP address.

Good luck, Flo

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