HP Officejet Pro L7780 All=inOne cannot scan.


My Office jet Pro L7780 All-in-One Printer states that "Cannot find memory device", when I try to scan to something other than just a scan and copy command..

So, I cannot scan to email a document or photo to Fax it, Email it, or Save it to the computer.

can you tell me what the problem is, and how I can resolve it?



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Fixed MY problem! Someone suggested plugging it straight into the wall rather than a surge strip (apparently surge protectors sometime don't allow ENOUGH electricity to the scanner - and it worked amazingly well!!!) so I did it and now no more errors!

Thank you

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I completely agree with the solution of plugging in the HP AIO directly to wall outlet.

For other people who were not able to fix their problem witht eh first solution and would still want to continue and uninstall the Hp software. http://ww1.out-of-warranty.com ><--------- heres the link.
OMG!! Plugging it into the wall fixed every freaking thing. (my time showed, all scan functions work etc) Thanks so much for this website. Kiamesha
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the problem may either be with your Officejet or with the software.
uninstall the software and install it again.
if the problem persists, then the apparatus is faulty.