PC takes hours (2-5) to start loading BIOS

Artur - Jun 11, 2016 at 05:52 AM
 Artur - Jun 17, 2016 at 12:09 PM

My PC takes ages (2-5 hours) to get to the point where it STARTS to load BIOS. Once BIOS starts loading it takes 5-10 secs to load to Windows and there everything is normal and pretty quick.

Advice will be much appreciated. Bear in mind that I don't have a different PC to test components with.

Here is my set up:
- MSI Z97 GAMING 3 Motherboard ATX 1150 Intel Z97 chipset Max Memory 32 GB
- Corsair XMS3 2 x 8GB 16GB PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 Memory RAM
- Supplementary HDD for storage: WD Caviar 3TB SATA 6 GB/s 64MB Cache 3.5 inch OEM Internal Hard Drive Green
- HDD with OS: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive
- Asus AMD Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II OC Graphics Card (4GB, GDDR5,
PCI Express 3.0)
- Intel Core i5 4670K Quad Core Retail CPU (Socket 1150, 3.40GHz, 6MB,
Haswell, 84W, Intel Graphics, BX80646I74770, 4th Generation Intel Core,
Turbo Boo

Many thanks.


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Ambucias Posts 47356 Registration date Monday February 1, 2010 Status Moderator Last seen February 15, 2023 11,166
Jun 11, 2016 at 06:00 AM
To help you and prescribe the remedy, I must make a diagnostic and to do so, I require a report.

1. Open this link and download ZHPDiag :
(Don't be alarmed is the site is in French, it sometimes happens, the tool will take your system language and allow the download if you get a warning message, ignore it.) Click on the download button

2. Save the file on your Desktop.

3. Double click on ZHPDiag.exe and follow the installation instructions.

(For Vista, Win 7 and 8 users, click right to ensure you execute with admin right)

4. Double click on the short cut ZHPDiag on your Destktop.

5 Click on scan
Wait for the tool to finished (maybe a long time)

6. Close ZHPDiag.

7. To transmit the report, click on this link :


8. Search the directory where you installed ZHPDiag (usually C:\desktop\zhpdiag.txt).
9. Copy the url link obtained from Speedyshare and paste it here in your reply.
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Hi there

Thanks for replying. I produced the report, you can access it using the link below (OneDrive):

Given that I am running into issues before BIOS even starts to load, I suspect that this is hardware and/or software problems rather than a virus.

Ambucias Posts 47356 Registration date Monday February 1, 2010 Status Moderator Last seen February 15, 2023 11,166
Jun 11, 2016 at 04:59 PM
Hi Artur,

Thank you for the report.

There are actually 36 malware on your system, most of which are "heuristic" which in my view are capable to create boot problems and slow down your system.

I am able to help you get rid of those viruses but I am not allowed to help you. The reason why, as a moderator and Virus/Security Contributor I am forbidden is that it would contrary to CCM's Charter. As you know, to activate your Windows operating system, you have used a hacking tool.

Best regards and good luck.
Hi Ambucias

What would you recommend as a solution / next steps?

FYI, in case this is relevant:
I also have a memory leak issue that I was struggling with for a while. The amount of RAM used increases steadily the longer my PC is running. In about 6-8 hours I run out of my 16 gigs of RAM. I investigated a bit using poolmon, the culprit appeared to be Samsung Magician.

Thank you.

Ambucias Posts 47356 Registration date Monday February 1, 2010 Status Moderator Last seen February 15, 2023 11,166 > Artur
Jun 12, 2016 at 05:39 AM
Delete the hacking tool and validate your Windows license with Microsoft.
To those who may have a similar issue. I did have some malware on my system, which was completely missed by AVG antivirus. I used Malwarebytes to scan the system again and it identified and deleted 124 threats for me.

Unfortunately this did nothing to solve my issues with PC start up, BIOS still takes ages to start loading. Based on the research that I've done this is caused by a dying motherboard, or by some of the cabling being loose (i.e. prior to loading BIOS, the system could be spending a very long time scanning connected devices).
I don't have much time to investigate right now, I'll check in again when (hopefully not if) I get this resolved.