Lost Yahoo Mail shortcut

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I am an elderly - even ancient - gent and have been using Yahoo Mail for yonks. Some time ago my desktop shortcut stopped connecting directly to Yahoo and each time I needed access had to fool around in the PC and take half an hour to reach mail. It appears to be linked in some way to Dropbox. I DO NOT WANT THIS. I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS. ALL I WANT TO DO IS ACCESS MY YAHOO MAIL FROM THE SHIRTCUT AS BEFORE.
Can some kind individual take pity on me and guide me towards that goal?
Thanks in anticipation, Seamo

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Jul 6, 2016 at 04:52 PM
Please don't yell at the ones trying to help! By the way ALL CAPS IS YELLING!

Do this:

On your desktop, right click over nothing, and select NEW SHORTCUT.

In the path, copy (CNTRL C) and paste (CNTRL V) this: http:\\mail.yahoo.com

Select next. there you go!