Low-Cost data migration and ETL tools

ITiser - Apr 30, 2009 at 08:35 AM
 arbysbit - May 15, 2009 at 10:29 AM

Im building a database for my company. We are a rather small size book company with a lot of references and still growing.

We have a Mysql database here and are trying to find some good tools to use it at its best. Basically we are just starting up the database after dealing with Excel: we had a size problem… So im trying to find a program that will allow us to do two different things: the migration of our data from the old system to the new one and a specialized software to perform ETL (Extract, transform and load) on our database.

About the price of the tools, if we were one year ago, the accounting department would have been pretty relaxed about this. But today, we have some budget restrictions and therefore need a low cost tool. So could you give me some advice on a good data migration and etl tool for a low cost?

Thanks for your help.

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Well yes, a few companies have had that sort of problem. Some companies have budget problems and are having to reduce their cost of operation.

Have you ever heard of open source tools? They can do the job easily and less expensive than proprietary solutions that cost a lot of money.
I hadn't really heard about the open source tools you talked about.
I've done a search about the tools but I find a ridiculous amount of them. I'm sure they are all pretty different and not all good. If someone here would know of a tool comparison or could help me find something that fits my needs it would be great.
Thanks for your help.
You may also find a data profiling tool to be helpful. If you look into data profiling tools, I would recommend that you consider Datiris Profiler (www.datiris.com). It is low-cost and we have a lot of happy customers (www.datiris.com/customers).

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Yes there are a few etl tools out there. Now im not sure, but I dont think Datiris is an open source solution?
If you want you can have a look at a good ETL open source program called Talend Open Studio ( https://www.talend.com/ ): it is user-friendly but also has advanced features intended for technical users (java debugger, code injection…). It can perform data migration and ETL as you wrote it in your first post.