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I have an old laptop, a Dell Inspiron 1300 that crashed over a year ago. Basically the screen went bust, you couldn't see anything, i think they said the backing light was broken. I took it to a repair shop but they told me I'd need a new screen and for the amount it would cost, I'd be better off buying a new one. This didn't suprise me as I'd bought a cheep laptop.

My problem is now the laptop won't even switch on, I think it needs a new adaptor, and I've still got a lot of stuff I want to get off the hard drive and put on my new computer. My brother says there is something you can buy where you can just take things off the hard drive, I'm assuming you have to disassemble the laptop to do it.

Does anyone know what you'd have to use to get off data from the hard-drive, or if it's even possible if the laptop won't switch on (and even when it does you can't see anything) any advice people have would be really, really helpful!


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should just be a case of strip the HD out the old laptop and get a caddy device to create a external HD then just link to a spare usb slot.
If you are really sure the laptop is broken they you will need to take the hard drive out and either stick it in another laptop or better, use a caddy to connect the drive to another machine via usb. Maplin sell them in the UK for about £20 or less. (Try powering up the laptop on mains power with the battery removed and see below for how to get around the screen problem)

If it's only the screen thats is broken, then top tip for broken laptop screens is to use the video out port and borrow an external monitor to see what is going on. You can then rescue whatever you want off the the mashed machine over a network, usb or optical disk. You may need to toggle the output to an external screen by use of function keys or key combinations. For the laptop in question I think it's ctrl + F7.

Late I know but I hope it helps.
I have the same problem!!!!! Except my laptop screen is cracked from somewhere inside and I need to get these files out!