How to count multiple instances in single cel

 Ramu Gurrapu -

I need to count to number of text strings within a single cell:

| Marketing;Proposals & Presentations;;| Marketing;Promotional Print;;| Public Relations;Advertising;;| Public Relations;Branding;;| Public Relations;Visual Identity;;

this is inside a single cell in a single column. It cannot be edited.

I was to count the number "Public Relations".
Using countif(A1,"*Public Relations*") only returns 1.
The data in each row of this column is different, the next row may not have any Public Relations in it...

any ideas?

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Your explanations are not enough for me but as per my understanding .......

Suppose you have data in Column A from A2 to A50 then in any cell except A you can write below formula which will count public relations in column A .......

=COUNTIF(A2:A50,"Public Relations")


Question here is not to count in columns but to count in the cell

for ex in A1 cell if i have the data "TDR1, TDR2, TDR3" i want to get the count of it... the answer should be "3" which is count of TDR......

any guess now ??? :)