Wifi Issues [Closed]

 BradyJ27 -
Hi, so my laptop is currently having some wifi issues. The light is orange but the wifi works sometimes. But it will randomly stop working and when I click to check my wifi it says "connected" but there is a box around the "view connection settings" tab. I have a temporary solution by turning the wifi off and back on again but I'm trying to find a permanent solution.

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What operating system is it? Do you have a network location set up? Is it your wifi router, or the ISP gateway?
It's windows 8. A gateway laptop. I don't know exactly what kind. I know it's not a router problem. The orange WiFi light is on on my laptop.

Is there a switch on the front, or a WIFI logo on any keys on the keyboard. It sounds like a physical switch is off.
The button is on, turned it off and on again but still got the same issues.