Format v3000

 Raj -

i want to change os vista to xp but i cant...

and i want to format xp but i cant..

i use compaq v3000...

plz show me how to format this compaq v3000

went i format follow up user, this compaq say, my hard disk cant have, plz on the power n blah2.....

what can i do????

plz help me..

email me,

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Azham there is Harddisk Setting in Bios of Compaq v3000 regarding SATA Harddisk

Go to Bios & just do that settings ( i dont know whats setting is that but its related too Hard-disk )

Guys Does Anyone knows how to Break Bios Password as i dont know my Bios Password & i have Tried all tricks like Removing RTC battery & other Utility but the password is still there
Thank you

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go to the BIOS menu, under the Boot section, and check the Boot order.
make sure that boot from CD is the first.
save and exit settings.
put a Windows CD in the drive and reboot the computer.
press any key when promoted and follow the instructions.