Wireless WLAN Card Issue

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Hello, world!

I have a Dell Inspiron PC. Yesterday, without any warning my screen went all blue with writings filling the screen I just managed to read closing down to protect you from any harm.

When I restated I got these two error messages:

"Dell wireless WLAN card wireless network Tray Applet has stopped working and in a separate box..."
"Your WIFI catcher band configuration is not compatible with your WLAN card band configuration."

Now my Internet connection is not working anymore... I have emailed Dell but had no reply (and I'm not really waiting for any if you see what I mean...) and I don't want to wait on the phone for the estimated 35 mins, so I was just hoping someone out there might have an idea about how to fix this problem.

Really greatful for any ideas.

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Please uninstall the Dell Quickset application and reinstall it with the latest version for your system, that you can download from support.dell.com

Dell Internet Forum Manager
how am I supposed to download it exactly..? internet not working remember
OK - I had this issue occur in december. I spent 3 hours on phone with dell. Finally got it working. I recorded steps taken.

Uninstalling quickset and reinstalling
runnin sfc /scannow
uninstalling the WLAN driver and updating with latest


I had a system restore point.
It wouldn't restore as there were disk errors
I selected to run checkdisk and have it automatically correct errors
Still didn't work - restore would not run
I had to go into system recovery (F8 F8) and run check disk
That finished
When I then went into system restore, all my restore points were GONE!!!

So then I had to re-do all the steps that I did with Dell support
reinstalled the driver
uninstalled quickset
ran sfc /scannow

WLAN service will not start. I can't get it to start.

I am SOOOOO frustrated with this Dell laptop

I don't know what causes this error - and nothing I can find anywhere on internet provides a diagnosis of true root cause and how to fix.
Have you tried System Restore to before problem?
Freaky Beanie
Feb 15, 2010 at 12:46 PM
You want to go in your Dell Quick set settings and disable the wi-fi control. Then use the windows wireless manager to control your wireless settings. If you remove quick set you will remove more than the wireless feature (like on screen display for the volume,brightness...etc. also quick set can control display options and power options that are usefull)

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OMG I can't help but the best advice, is to wait for an answer from dell because I think they are the only ones who can sort out this problem. Good luck!
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I can`t offer you much help, but when I had trojans on my PC, that`s the message I had... Sorry if I'm scaring you, but it's a very possible reason of your problem.
i have dell Inspiron 8600 model when I format my PC and installed XP then network controller shows yellow mark colur. and also my ethernet connection not working give me a suggestion and which one drivers for that.
we are using broadban wireless modem so we want wireless lancard drivers for dell laptop inspiron on 6000
so please send to my mail id
I have the same laptop, and received it on August 17,2008. Yesterday Sept. 8, I had the exact same thing happen to my wireless WLAN card. I have no wireless access. I spent several hours on the phone last night with Dell. They are not able to fix this, and want me to reinstall my OS.

I got the same problem with my Inspirion 6400. "problem with WLAN card has stopped working" ? can anyone help? please......

try the old chkdsk/f command in dos window sometimes this restores drivers and os problems caused by virus
usually the anti virus software on your computer especially symantic when it tries to fix can delete lines of script that are infected .