Fan runs constantly but monitor goes to sleep

Chrisma - May 11, 2009 at 07:56 PM
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I recently had my husband add a second hard drive. When he put it back together the (proccessor??)fan continues to run but neither hardrive will not boot up. The monitor says going to sleep. Is it possible that something was tripped as my husband like a dumbo removed the fan to put the harddrive in. I need help please!!!

Thank you!

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May 24, 2009 at 10:43 AM
do the hard drives spin up when turned on?
has he checked the jumpers are set correctly?

if they are connected to the same cable, one needs to be set to master and the other one needs to be set to slave. the main hard drive that has the operating system on it should be set to master, the new drive set to slave.

or, alternativeley, connect the hard drives to seperate cables, set the cdrom as slave if connected and the hdd as master.

so on 1 cable should have 1 hard drive set as master
and on the other cable you should have 1 hard drive set as master and a cdrom/dvdrom set as slave.

if these are set wrong, then the computer gets confused and simply won't boot.

The jumpers are on the ends of the drives. there should be a little diagram on the top of the drive indicating how these are set.

you should try to take out the battery and leave it out for around 10-15 minutes
this usually wokrs
i seem to have had the same problem as you had

(the battery is normally located near the graphics card on the motherboard)
ahm i had encountered the same things
try to disassemble all your computer hardware..such as ram,harddisk,video card etc. then remove the mother board on its case then clean the mother board.the video card port with eraser,u may use water or lacquer thinner.dont worry about using water,just make sure that after cleaning ur board dry ur board with blower. then assemble ur unit and see the result...
e=mail me if that
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Nov 7, 2010 at 05:27 AM
Hi daniel,

Thanks for sharing this tip with us,will definitely give a try to it and also share it with others facing same issue