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I have two gmail accounts - one for my boss and one for me. It is pretty tiring opening each email account. I would like to log into one gmail account and send and receive emails for both accounts. Is there a way for me to receive an email and send emails from my email account for my boss?

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No because these emails are different! it's quite impossible
That's so not true. It's very easy to do in gmail.

First, forward your boss's email into your account:
1. Log into your boss's account.
2. Go to Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP
3. Where it says "Forwarding:" click the radio button next to "forward a copy of incoming email to" and add your email address into the box.
4. (optional) In the dropdown box, you might want to click to archive the emails that get forwarded to your new account to keep's inbox clear.
5. Click "Save Changes".

Now, set up your account to send messages from
1. Log in to your account.
2. Go to Settings >> Accounts and Import
3. Beside "Send mail as:", click the "Send mail from another address" button.
4. Follow the steps that pop up in a new window.
5. To keep things easy, click the radio button "Reply from the same address the message was sent to". This means that when you reply to messages sent to, gmail will automatically set to send the email from instead of your account (the default).
6. Click "Save Changes".
7. Log in to, and follow the directions in the email.

Super simple and it saves tonnes of time. I've got 5 different email accounts filtering into my one gmail account. It sure beats checking each one individually!
> smellaina
Isn't it great we oldies have smart people like you to sort out and make simple what can be daunting problems for us
Thanks a bunch Jenni
This helped me a lot. I knew you could do it, just not how to do it.