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I wish to populate $values in f14 by choosing a name in a drop down list located on the same worksheet
Qty Unit Price Price YT004-Oscar Terrones, cells below name will be chosen,
0.00 $13.00 $- need to have unit price become filled
0.00 $15.00 $- in once a name is chosen.
0.00 $71.00 $-
0.00 $71.00 $-
0.00 $71.00 $-
0.00 $71.00 $-
I realize I will have to repeat alot of this language/code to repeat the same results over and over again. I am learning this level but am very able to follow

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OK, well a drop down list will not only display the list, but it will place the final selections into what ever cell you want.

Are you having an issue producing a drop down? what version are you using?