Cant verify accounts even after being issued a 6 digit code [Closed]

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I need help I am deaf so I do not use phones... I set my gmail account up so that it has a gmail recovery but I have lost access to a result I went through the automated process and was issues a 6 digit verification code but even after that the automated system says I cannot be I am still locked out. How do i get a real person to assist me? I can answer most the questions accept I have no idea when the account was created.

I am now having to use a non gmail email borrowed due to this mess...
there has to be away to get this escalated...

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There is not a person you can talk to about your account. What you can do, is take the PHONE back to who sold it to you, and tell them to fix it. If the phone requires you to have an account, then the SERVICE provider can assist you in your issues, or stop paying the bill. The phone maker doesn't care, they already got your money!
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